Friday, May 19, 2017

Hex 6: Final project/Bibliography

For your final project for this class, you will be researching a topic on an issue within digital citizenship.

Step 1: 
Research an issue from within the nine elements of digital citizenship and create a bibliography using Noodletools (one person per topic).  Due Tuesday.

Sign up for your topic in the comments section of this blog post ("Final Project/bibliography"), identifying the element AND the topic--first one to post gets the topic (you must include: your first name, the element of digital citizenship, and the topic to claim the topic).  

Example: KA, Digital Health & Wellness, addiction

Other requirements:
-You MUST have at least three sources related to your topic
-You can include (but it is not required) no more than one video or audio clip on your topic
-You must use Noodletools to create your bibliography (choose MLA Lite--the free option--to create your account)

Step 2:
Create an online project on your topic, putting information into your own words.  This will be shared with the class on Thursday.

Options: Prezi, Emaze, Powtoon--any online presentation creator (but try to avoid Google Slides--boring!!!)
Possible Topics within the Nine Elements: 
1. Digital Access
-digital divide (in America or internationally)
-disabilities that prevent access (physical or mental)
-net neutrality

2.  Digital Commerce
-buying or selling online

3.  Digital Communication
-Cell phones in society
-Creating community through online methods
-Social media and society

4.  Digital Literacy
-Search strategies 
-Evaluation of websites
-Internet in the workplace (future of technology)
-Technology in schools 

5.  Digital Etiquette
-Appropriate use of technology in society

6.  Digital law
-Copyright and/or plagiarism
-Music and copyright
-Pirating, downloading, or file-sharing
-Cybercriminals and/or cybercrime divisions of law enforcement
-Laws dealing with cyber acts 

7. Digital Rights and Responsibilities
-Acceptable use policies (public computers, specific websites, etc.)

8.  Digital Health and Wellness
-Physical issues (carpal tunnel, headaches, neck or eye strain, etc.)
-Psychological issues (addiction, depression, sleep issues, etc)

9.  Digital Security
-Internet safety 
-Identity theft
-Online schemes/scams (phishing, etc)
-Malware, viruses, spyware, etc.
-Antivirus, firewalls, etc.
-Data collection by companies (big data, cookies, data mining)
-Government leaks (Wikileaks, Edward Snowden)
-Data breaches


  1. Digital Law, Mikayla

  2. Digital Security AD

  3. Kanezza
    Digital Communication cell phones in society

  4. JT Digital Commerce, cookies

  5. connor smith cyberbullying

  6. Josie Springer
    Element: Digital Communication
    Topic: Social Media and Society

  7. Kinzey-
    Digital security
    Identity Theft

  8. Samantha Tindall
    buying and selling online

    1. Digital Communication

  9. Asher
    Digital Law

  10. Hailey
    Digital Access

  11. Asher
    Digital law

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