Thursday, April 20, 2017

Hex 6: Digital Citizenship (overview)

In this class, we will be focusing on 9 Elements of Digital Citizenship.

Video: Living in a Digital World

Consider the following questions:

1.  What does it mean to be a citizen of a community (school, city, state, national, etc.)?

2. What are some rights and responsibilities of a citizen?

3.  How is being a digital citizen similar and different to other kinds of citizens?

4. Where can you find policies of different websites?  Why is looking at policies important?

Next, you will be creating rules of conduct for being a responsible, positive citizen online, with your table groups.  

Group roles:
-Facilitator (you like to take charge and can keep everyone on task)
-Recorder (you can write and type quickly)
-Spokesperson (you like to talk)

Everyone should contribute ideas!

Come up with five rules for proper behavior when using the Internet.  

Share your five rules in the comment section of this post.  Comment as Anonymous, but be sure to put the first names or initials of your group members.


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  2. Ashton, Kaleb, Connor
    1. Never Share Personal Info
    2. Speak With Nice Words
    3. Respect Everyone Around You
    4. Be Aware Of Danger/ Hackers or Fake People
    5. Be Responsible For Your Actions.

  3. BL JT AD
    1. Never do anything online that you wouldn't tell your parents about
    2. Never post anything you will regret later on in your life
    3. Never give personal information to people you don't know
    4. Don't share inappropriate things on the internet or to other people
    5. Don't be negative to others

  4. Five rules for a digital citizen
    1. Be respectful of everyone
    2. Don't send/post personal information
    3. Don't say anything online that you wouldn't say to their face.
    4. Be appropriate/no bad pictures
    5. Be truthful

    JS, KS, KD

  5. 1. Be safe! Don't put your personal information online!
    2. Be respectful! Don't comment/post inappropriate or rude comments on people's pictures.
    3. Be responsible! Use the device/media for appropriate purposes.
    4. Don't harass people online.
    5. Don't put yourself in danger by talking to strangers.
    Addy, Sam, and Hailey

  6. Financial Limitations
    Going to a public library. Go to a cafe that has internet. Go to a friends/family's house.
    It was hard because we only had one source.
    Connor Ashton Matt

  7. pay attention, dont share your name, dont talk to any one you dont know,be safe, be responsible

  8. Don't harass/bully/disrespect people online, don't share personal information, don't talk to people you do NOT know, don't save personal information on public devices, and don't mistreat other's/your devices, use them for their use!