Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Hex 6-4: Digital Literacy

Part I:

Take notes (form provided) on the following presentations/video:

Picking the Right Search Terms

Understanding Search Results

Narrowing a Search to Get the Best Results

-Boolean operators
-Advanced Searching

Evaluating Websites:  

-What would make you suspicious of a website?

-What are some clues to help you tell if a website is trustworthy?

Part II:


1-What are issues with using the Internet in schools?

2-What are issues with using the Internet in the workplace?  Consider legal, ethical, and productivity issues

3-What kind of skills will be necessary for jobs in the future?

4-How can the Internet be used positively in the classroom?

Interview a parent or trusted adult and ask them one or both of the following questions, recording their response (at least 2 sentences total) in the comment section of this blog post:

1-How/when do you use technology in your job?  For example, how do you use technology in a regular work day?

2-What do you think is the future of technology in the workplace (in your field or others)? 


  1. Mikayla,
    At my mom's job (at the hospital on the maternity floor), they use technology in everything they do. From surgery to computer work to even specialized equipment. At the hospital, technology is rapidly advancing especially in Healthcare. An example is, they have recently created a simulation of a womb for babies that're born too early so then they have a chance to live.

  2. BL
    My mom works at the school and says that in the future it will look like every student, teacher and staff member will have their own personal device(1-on-1). It will eventually replace pen and paper and has the potential to become the only way to communicate.

  3. JS
    My dad says that the future of technology is more security and to have a fingerprint instead of a signature or some other form of authorization. The future of technology would also lead to a higher form of a way to find hackers. Also more paperwork for jobs.

  4. Asher

    My mom doesn't use technology very much in her job and in a regular work day doesn't use it at all. She thinks a lot of their testing she uses will be done online, not on paper.

  5. My mom uses a lot of technology at work to get a hold of her co-workers and bill in kids from the WA she puts money into the system and schedules plane rides for her co-workers to go to other places.

  6. KS
    My mom uses technology all the time at work, she uses it to communicate with the kids that she works with so that she knows what time they need to get cetain things done on time.

  7. think that more computerized programs / robotics will replaced a lot of human jobs, decreasing the need for human employment in various professions. Example, Fast food vending machines may become more prominent. Various repetitive tasks could easily be replaced by robotics.

    Human service professions such as Dr's, Lawyers, Etc is already becoming more stream lined with quick "FaceTime" like appointments. Some stream lining could easily be some with prescribing some medications. Eventually ( few decades from now) we could possibly stand in front a machine and stick our finger in it for a pin prick while it weighs and assesses our blood pressure, heart rate, blood oxygenation, then it will dispense our medication without ever "seeing" a Physician.

  8. I (Mr.Stribe) use technology in a few different ways at work. One way is my personal computer and also I use different websites for my students to see their progress and to work on their skills. ~Samantha Tindall

  9. JT

    I use technology a lot at my work and at home. The future of technology will be used a lot more and everywhere

  10. MD

    My mom doesn't really use technology for work. She only uses her phone and her tablet but that's about all she uses technology