Monday, April 24, 2017

Hex 6-2: Digital Commerce


1-What are some concerns with shopping online?

2-How can you know that you are on a secure site?  Should you use secure sites on a public computer for shopping?

3-What are some ways to make sure you can be safe when shopping online?

4-What should you (as a young adult) always do before shopping online?

5-What are some ways to stay safe when selling items online?

Some considerations:
1-identity theft/stolen financial information, scams

2-lock symbol, statements of security, encryptions, colors (none, blue [standard security], green [extended validation])

3-When using public computers, you may want to use private browsing (incognito) and "Clear All History"

4-Keep track of card activity
   -check bank and credit card statements carefully
   -check bank and card policies, but in general:
     -debit card: 2 days to dispute ($50 liability); up to 60 days,    
     liable for up to $500; after 60 days, loss not covered
     -credit card: 60 days to dispute ($50 liability); not covered after        60 days

5-Research retailers, particularly out of the U.S. (may not be covered for loss)

Handout: Cyber Consumer Safety Tip Sheet

Comment on this blog post with 2-3 sentences about your parents' opinions on online shopping.  You should ask your parents before responding (or even have your parents respond for you!).  Be sure to put your first name or initials on your comment, and be sure to comment on this post for Digital Commerce.


  1. My mom loves online shopping because she can get somethings that you cant get in stores. She likes how there is a big verity in the things she can buy. She also likes how most stores have online websites that you can buy from.

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  2. My mom doesn't shop online that much. The main reason for this is, is because some things online are expensive. Another reason is because she knows the dangers of putting credit card information on there. The only times she really does shop online is for things that are out of stock or things that were out of stock at that store she went to. Of course like other smart people she looks to make sure the website is SAFE. If you do not know how to assure you are safe browsing go to the way left side of your URL and look at the lock. If the lock is closed you are safe for browsing. I still thing you shouldn't online shop because of hackers. They may still be able to get your password and that is not right. Another thing to remember is that some websites without the lock closed can be safe but never guess or assume it is. My mom knows all of these things from past things that have happened. Always safe browse!

  3. BL
    My mom thoroughly enjoys online shopping. She enjoys not having to go out to the stores and/or mall. She likes the wide variety of selection across many websites. She also loves to find a 'good deal' with online savings codes. She feels it is fairly safe but only chooses to shop with trustworthy websites that are U.S. based. She especially likes the free and quick shipping right to her doorstep. My dad likes it because mom spends less online than she would if she went into the actual store.

  4. Asher

    My mom thinks online shopping is very easy and convenient. Sometimes she becomes frustrated because the items she ordered weren't what she expected, and she wished she could see them in person. My dad doesn't shop online.

  5. Addy
    My mom said "It is very convinent , however it is difficult to determine sizing and materials from a picture. She prefers store front shopping."

  6. Josie

    "Online shopping is faster and easier. But I don't prefer it because you don't really know for sure about what you are paying for until it gets delivered to you. Especially clothes."

  7. Kanezza
    My mom thinks: Online shopping is convenient. I caution anyone who shops online to only order from reputable sources and sites, double check size charts before ordering clothes. In my experience I have had good outcomes. Pros of online shopping; quick and easy. Cons; risky, don't always get what you expect.

  8. Mikayla,
    My mom likes to shop online she just doesn't shop for clothes. She'd rather go and try a shirt on instead of ordering it online and having it a size to big or too short, etc.

  9. CS

    My mom loves online shopping because she doesn't have to leave the house, and it comes right to our door. Some stores have more options online, and have better deals. My parents like that alot of places offer free shipping and it usually comes pretty quick.

  10. Samantha-
    online shopping represents a huge change in the way the way the world dose business. The old traditional ways of buying and selling had many limitations. Today,buyers and sellers have more opportunity and variety that simply wasn't available before the Internet. I think its a great thing for the global economy!

  11. My mom said she likes online shopping nut doesn't use it as much because it takes too long to ship