Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Hex 5-5: Digital Etiquette

1-Have you ever been annoyed in public by other people on their cell phones or other devices?  Give examples.  When and/or where can the use of cell phones be considered impolite, inappropriate, or illegal?

2-Should cell phones or other technology be banned in some places?  In what places and under what circumstances?

3-When are appropriate and inappropriate times to use cell phones in school?  

Consider texting, listening to music, answering a call, taking photos/video, social media, etc.

Side question: Should students be friends with teachers on social media?

4-What are some things to keep in mind when borrowing someone else's computer? Examples: a friend, a parent, or a public computer

Consider: closing windows, changing settings, shutting down, privacy, etc.

5-How can technology negatively affect your relationships?  What would be some good rules to help build relationships?
Example: no cell phones at the dinner table

6-Email and other technological communication is now common in school and the workplace.  What are some guidelines (things to do and not do) when writing emails or other workplace communications?  

Consider: textspeak, capitalization, spelling, jokes, subject line, closing/greeting, etc.


Video: Word Crimes 

Come up with 5 rules regarding cell phone use in public and post them in the comments section.  Be sure to include first names only of your group members.


  1. Marcus, Jack, Bailee - No phones in movie theater. No phones while driving. No phones while in class. No phones at work. No phones at churches.

  2. Eli,Damon,Emma
    1:Don't take pictures of people in public.
    2: Make sure the time is appropriate.
    3:Don't use it for inappropriate moments.
    4:Keep it on silent when you're supposed to
    5:Do not text and drive.

  3. 1. Don't use your phone in class unless you're told too
    2. Don't use it in church or funerals
    3. Only use your phone when you're allowed to or in an emergency
    4. Be appropriate
    5. Keep your phone on silent when you shouldn't have it out

    -Connor, Evan, Jillian

  4. 1. Grammar
    2. Sp elling
    3. Capitalization
    4. Appropriate use of Technology
    5. Silenced when in quiet public places

    Stephen, Paige, Keifer

  5. Brandee, Dan, Dana

    1) Illegal to text and drive.
    2) No phone in a movie theater.
    3) Silence phone in library.
    4) Don't look at phones on side walk while walking.
    5) No phones in class.