Friday, March 10, 2017

Hex 5-4: Digital Literacy

Part I:

Take notes (form provided) on the following presentations/video:

Picking the Right Search Terms

Understanding Search Results

Narrowing a Search to Get the Best Results

-Boolean operators
-Advanced Searching

Evaluating Websites:  

-What would make you suspicious of a website?

-What are some clues to help you tell if a website is trustworthy?

Part II:


1-What are issues with using the Internet in schools?

2-What are issues with using the Internet in the workplace?  Consider legal, ethical, and productivity issues

3-What kind of skills will be necessary for jobs in the future?

4-How can the Internet be used positively in the classroom?

Interview a parent or trusted adult and ask them one or both of the following questions, recording their response (at least 2 sentences total) in the comment section of this blog post:

1-How/when do you use technology in your job?  For example, how do you use technology in a regular work day?

2-What do you think is the future of technology in the workplace (in your field or others)? 


  1. We use computers to make code i think in a few years robots will control everything in my job-Dad

  2. My dad uses a computer each day to review insurance claims. He's allowed to access his company's system through the internet, so he can work at home.

  3. My dad uses a computer that turns to a tablet to access wire diagrams for installing remote starters.

  4. My dad uses technology in many ways he uses it to create web applications to be used bu customers and internal workers. He also uses it to research and learn various items, he uses it to look on Facebook and Twitter. E.O.

  5. jack my mom uses technology by using her computer. she checks to see what paciants have been in for their appointment and if they have not been in for their appointment she emails them and see when they are gonna come in for their appointment.

  6. My mom uses technology in every part of her job. She is a trainer and teaches people how to use the computer system. She also helps build the computer system so it works. If there are things wrong with it, she reports these issues to the company's IT (information technology) department. She does meetings on the computer and can log into other computers from her office to help people. She also uses email for most of her job every day.


  7. My stepmom uses a computer to order parts to my dad uses machines/gadgets to work on cars

  8. 1) My mom uses a technology every day, for e-mails and get on their web sight, they also use it for their money system.
    2) I think that they system we are currently using will continue to be used but there will many new changes to it.

  9. Eli-I work as a constuction worker we use crans and other electronics i think robots will be able to do are work for us

  10. I think robots will take over all factory jobs. That way companies dont have to pay employees and the robots work better and faster.

  11. I personally like having internet in the workplace becuse of having to do projects in the work place

    Keifer P

  12. My mom uses computers every day she is a court reporter she records whatever is said in the courtroom

  13. My dad uses a computer for tracking the feed that is produced for the animals on the farm and he also uses computers for keeping track of the pigs he feeds which is a lot.


  14. bailee hansen
    technology will become more complicated . Technology will also become more advanced .

  15. my mom uses computers every day she is a court reporter

  16. My mother uses a computer to check patients in, she hooks them up to monitors for heart/blood pressure/baby/ contractions, she also uses phone and the calling system for emergency. and uses another set of monitors to scan babies, and use equipment for surgery-Damon