Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Hex 5-2: Digital Commerce


1-What are some concerns with shopping online?

2-How can you know that you are on a secure site?  Should you use secure sites on a public computer for shopping?

3-What are some ways to make sure you can be safe when shopping online?

4-What should you (as a young adult) always do before shopping online?

5-What are some ways to stay safe when selling items online?

Some considerations:
1-identity theft/stolen financial information, scams

2-lock symbol, statements of security, encryptions, colors (none, blue [standard security], green [extended validation])

3-When using public computers, you may want to use private browsing (incognito) and "Clear All History"

4-Keep track of card activity
   -check bank and credit card statements carefully
   -check bank and card policies, but in general:
     -debit card: 2 days to dispute ($50 liability); up to 60 days,    
     liable for up to $500; after 60 days, loss not covered
     -credit card: 60 days to dispute ($50 liability); not covered after        60 days

5-Research retailers, particularly out of the U.S. (may not be covered for loss)

Handout: Cyber Consumer Safety Tip Sheet
Comment on this blog post with 2-3 sentences about your parents' opinions on online shopping.  You should ask your parents before responding (or even have your parents respond for you!).  Be sure to put your first name or initials on your comment, and be sure to comment on this post for Digital Commerce.


  1. My Mom
    It is very convenient, but I don't do much online shopping. The reason I don't do online shopping very often is because of identity theft and those sort of things. When I do shop online I have had good results when doing so, I also like online shopping because I can shop with out the crowd and I can shop in my pajamas. I do pay my bills online, so I do use my cards online, but not always for shopping.


  2. My Mom~ "Its very easy and it keeps me from having to deal with large crowds.Since we have such a busy parent with sports and work that I dont have to leave the house."


  3. My dad said, "There's is advantages and disadvantages. The advantage is that you can look at different sites for different products without driving to the store or mall and you can compare prices. The disadvantage is that you have to wait for your package/product has to be shipped with other charges being S&H fees and personally, I do not like putting my account number online. The other disadvantages are is that you don't know where it's being shipped from and if your package is damaged, are they willing to pay for the damages of the product or do I have to pay for it out of pocket? Personally, I don't mind shopping but if there's something I know I can't find at a store or mall then I could go online and see if a site has something I like and if it's in my price range I would probably get it."


  4. My Mom- I think that inline shopping is very convenient. I like that i do not have to drive to the school . But one bad thing about online shopping is that it can be unsafe. I am not saying that online shopping is bad. Just make sure you shop safely.

  5. My dad said he thinks online shopping is good because it's convenient and it's easy to do. It is also easy for people who live in a small town and don't have stores or malls close by.

  6. Safe if you know the site you are going on. It is much easier to shop around and to find the best deals, you don't have to waste your time and money driving somewhere. -Emma

  7. I don't online shop because of identity theft. I also like to see for sure what I am buying. I like to feel the material when I am buying clothing. - Marcus

  8. Elis Dad I dont like online shopping it alows to much privete information to go out into the world

  9. jack my mom is fine with me using her card as long as i pay her back

  10. My thoughts on online shopping are simple I think that you have to be cautious and unwilling to buy something if the site seems fishy.Also online shopping can be to good to be true for example will a lambogihini.DZ

  11. Keifer's dad I do not like online shopping becuse I half to give away my card info so I do not shop online

  12. Yes,I I love shopping online because i can just stay at home and can get better deals and find better things than if shop at actual stores

  13. Yes,I I love shopping online because i can just stay at home and can get better deals and find better things than if shop at actual stores

  14. My mom said: "I prefer doing it online because it is convenient. Especially because I have children and it is easier than keeping them still in the dressing room. Generally, I feel safe. I usually stick with sites that I know who they are: Amazon, Wal-Mart. I usually use PayPal so it is safer."

  15. My mom- " Online shopping is easy and convenient, although it is also an easy way to lose money to due the product possibly being damaged" that may not be word for word but oh well -w- ~Brandee Simmer

  16. My parents agree with it, however my mom does not agree with it fully saying this "Its okey, just not like what I am used too." as you can see, my parents do not understand the internet properly.-DaMoN