Monday, February 13, 2017

Hex 4-8: Digital Health & Wellness


1-What are some possible physical issues that could happen because of technology?

2-Can you think of some "danger zones" at school or at home for physical issues?

What can you do about them (to avoid them, to fix them, etc.)?

3-What are some possible psychological problems that could happen because of technology?

Consider:  addiction, isolation, stress, depression, anxiety/social anxiety, sleep disorders, mental issues associated with cyberbullying, etc.


4-What can you do if you or someone you know is exhibiting some of these behaviors?

Video: Tech Addiction

Video:  Internet Addiction

Article: Warning Signs of Internet Addiction

Article: Dealing with the Device-Addicted Generation

Addiction Test

Choose an activity (if time allows):
1-Choose a partner and create a short scene where one person has any digital health and wellness issue and the other person is a friend trying to help them with their issue.  Show a positive way to help them and a negative way.  Act out for the class in a 2-3 minute skit.

2-Find an article or video that talks about physical, psychological, or emotional health and technology.  Write a summary of your article, including the important points (3-5 sentences), in the comment section of this post.  Be sure to include the URL of your article or video.

Possible topics/search terms include:  technology AND addiction, isolation, carpal tunnel, posture, eye strain, lack of exercise, etc.   

3-Write a detailed plan to solve a digital health and wellness issue of someone in your life (you do not need to share names).  Try to have 4-6 steps of things they can do to solve their problem. Ideas:  a plan to help them through addiction or isolation, a map/photos with a change to help with ergonomics, best items to buy to help with carpal tunnel or other ailments, etc.  Be specific!


  1. Lydia
    This is a video about why you cant sleep. It is telling you a few ways that can help you fall asleep. It is also telling you some reason that may be why you cant fall asleep.

    This is the link I read for this summary.
    So internet addiction as we have already talked about, is a huge problem in our society. However, there are still points that tells us why internet addiction is bad. First, you can get addicted to the internet in more ways than one. It is not just the all evil video games, it is actually like gambling, auctioning, and many inappropriate sites. And there is more, but that is just to get you thinking. Also, technology has caused a lot of problems for younger kids. It has caused obesity, carpal tunnel syndrome, and loneliness. Both adults and teens are on their phone. In fact, 58% of adults have a smartphone, while 37% of teens own a smartphone. This isn't entirely bad, but it can be. Finally, being online has shown a lot of people who are lonely or have low esteem. It is because they can find friends in a non threatening manor. Z.S.B

  3. Sophia:
    Technology can cause health issues. It can cause things such as, vision problems, hearing loss (earbuds in to much), and neck strains from looking down at the computer or phones. This is why you should have a time limit on how long you should be on technology.

  4. NCA Technology is overused today. It needs to be cut down. We should spend more time exercising than being on Facebook.

  5. C.J.A

    This article was very informative as it looked like that it mostly causes things around our head. Looking at a screen too long can cause it to burn and some people have problems focusing on things. Also our ears are being are being destroyed by ear buds. The louder you have your earbuds the more it kills your ear hairs. You might think that your ear hairs can't be that important right? WRONG! These hairs are making you hear, if you didn't have them you'd feel like your underwater, hearing noises but not being able to recognize what they are. Another problem is just plain being tired. Some people work on call until midnight and then wake up at 6:00 in the morning to check their email! based on that of your on technology you cant usually sleep for the next 30 minutes to 1 hour making it so people are only getting 5 hours of sleep! And even worse they wake up with and go to sleep with technology! Being on technology is really bad! And even worse, some people have to get up even earlier! This is bad as some people then are on technology 18 hours a day! That causes various other problems listed above! This is a huge problem that we need to fix. Then there are more things. Parents are getting sad because there sons/daughters are leaving them earlier! There feeling more independent at ages as low as 8! This means that kids are wanting to leave there parents at age 8! this is causes by the idea that your parents are only 1 text away. Here's the problem, there getting independent and there doing things they can't do yet. They usually can't beat it/ do it which makes them have less confidence. This means that some kids at age 8 they can't hear very well, they can't focus, they don't have much confidence and can't sleep well! This needs to be fixed. Overall we should limit our time on technology.

    There are many negative sides to technology that are serious and harmful. A couple negative sides to technology is that it can change how children think and feel. Technology can put your privacy and saftey at risk. And any technology that does not use excersise can make a person obese if they are on that type on technology a lot. There is actually scientific evidence and reasons for these negative sides.

  7. Kadence
    This article talks about eye strain. Eye strain occurs when you overuse your eyes, such as little sleep for a long period of time. It also occurs when you try to look at something very small with very little light. Your pupils must change size to read small letters in the dark so if they stay the wrong size for a long period of time it puts stress on your eyes.

  8. Zane
    This talks about how we are on our technology too much and how it changes our lives. We need to cut our time on technology and go outside or read a book or even play a board game. Some people have troubles seeing and their vision goes all blurry.