Monday, January 23, 2017

Hex 4-2: Digital Commerce


1-What are some concerns with shopping online?

2-How can you know that you are on a secure site?  Should you use secure sites on a public computer?

3-What are some ways to make sure you can be safe when shopping online?

4-What should you (as a young adult) always do before shopping online?

5-What are some ways to stay safe when selling items online?

Some considerations:
1-identity theft/stolen financial information, scams

2-lock symbol, statements of security, encryptions, colors (none, blue [standard security], green [extended validation])

3-When using public computers, you may want to use private browsing (incognito) and "Clear All History"

4-Keep track of card activity
   -check bank and credit card statements carefully
   -check bank and card policies, but in general:
     -debit card: 2 days to dispute ($50 liability); up to 60 days,    
     liable for up to $500; after 60 days, loss not covered
     -credit card: 60 days to dispute ($50 liability); not covered after        60 days

5-Research retailers, particularly out of the U.S. (may not be covered for loss)

Comment on this blog post with 2-3 sentences about your parents' opinions on online shopping.  You should ask your parents before responding (or even have your parents respond for you!).  Be sure to put your first name or initials on your comment, and be sure to comment on this post for Digital Commerce.


  1. C.A

    In our family, we order quite a bit online, especially to find the best deal we can. I (Cory's mom) also personally like to shop in stores to hunt for the best deals, but Cory's dad prefers to shop online. If he could, he would never set foot in a store again (especially shoe stores).

  2. I personally use online shopping for multiple reasons, the most frequent reason being convenience. I like the ability to order items and know they will be shipped directly to our home.( Quintin's mom SSS)Q. S.

  3. N.A. My Dad's thought shopping online is good. Because it is convenient for people who are busy and have hectic life. He also like it because he can search for the best prices between all the stores instead of 2 or 3.

  4. My Mom's and sister thoughts about online shopping is that it is very convenient,but sometimes they get the order wrong. A few other reasons are that you need to be careful about what websites to go/onto so your information does not get stolen. ES

  5. Mum said online shopping is lazy, quick, and easy. She shops online quite often, especially around the holidays. It is a lot easier to search several different stores at once versus drving all over the state, wasting gas.

  6. My mom thinks online shopping is good because we can get it shipped directly to our house. And a lot of times you can get free shipping and you don't have to deal with all the people at the stores. C.E E.E

  7. My dad says its good and helps you get items that are usually aren't at stores. However he says that it also hurts regular business because workers their would become quite unneeded which is a bad thing cause then they would not get paid possibly.

  8. Kadence
    My mom said online shopping is good for people with very little time to spending driving places or for heavy scheduled families.It is also good for making little purchases that you don't need right away or need to keep hidden like christmas or birthday presents. You also need to be save while shopping online because you could be easily hacked if you use the wrong website, so always check for the S for secure or lock symbol by the URL.

  9. Lydia
    my mom said to go to reliable sights. Amazon is a good sight because it is locked and no one can see your personal information they just send it to you. She said to make sure that the sight is locked. If you have to meet up with someone to go to a gas station, or parking lot somewhere but not at your house.

  10. My mom said that it is very helpful with 5 kids. It saves time and gas money. She says that amozon is the best site because they have good prices and ship sooner. ACF

  11. Sophia:
    My mom said that online shopping is very convenient. She likes to shop online so that she doesn't have to go inside of stores.

  12. My mom thinks that online shopping is helpful but dangerous.
    She also thinks that sometimes online shopping for simple things such as common food is lazy because you could just go to the grocery store.

  13. My mom thinks that online shopping isn't lazy for busy people. For example if you want something from the store but they don't have it you can order it from online and order it. But if people are just doing it cause they don't want to leave their house and it can just come to there door step, that is what my mom calls lazy. Z.E.J,W

  14. Cara:
    My mom likes the idea of shopping online because she says it's easy and quick to use. She likes the fact that she doesn't have to go out and shop. She hates when things that she orders don't come though. Example: Amazon.