Thursday, January 19, 2017

Hex 4-1: Digital Access

Consider the following questions:

1.  Why is access to technology important?  What are some things you must have technology for in today's world?

2.  What are some ways that access to technology can be limited?

-physical limitations
-financial/economic limitations
-geographic limitations (national and international)
-technology limitations (mobile phones vs. computers)

Video:  Internet Censorship

"Participation gap" is defined as "the unequal access to the opportunities, experiences, skills, and knowledge that will prepare youths for full participation in the world of tomorrow."
(Harlan, Mary Ann.  "Standing on a Corner: The Access Gap in Rural Communities."  Teacher Librarian.  Oct. 2014: 38-42.)

3.  What are some of the opportunities, experiences, skills and knowledge that students without access are missing?  In other words, what are they going to be missing when they graduate and go to college or into the working world?

(Communication, creation, collaboration, discovery, evaluation, innovations, networking/PLN)

Video: Bridging the Digital Divide

4.  What can be done about lack of access?  Whose responsibility is it to ensure access?

Video: Net Neutrality

Activity (if time allows):
With your table group, come up with ideas about bridging the digital divide for the following factors:  physical, financial, geographic, filters, or censorship.  Type several paragraphs on your ideas in the comment section, using the limitations assigned to your group.  

-Specific problems with access to technology for your group 
-Specific ideas to bridge the digital divide for your group.  Think about specific things that you and people you know can do, as well as big ideas.  Use your own ideas, but you can do some quick research as well.
-Write a short response on how it felt to use technology with your limitations.  How did it feel?  How did you compare your groups to other groups?  Did it feel fair?


  1. E,Q Net Neutrality is an Internet service that decides what viewers can watch/ learn. We think that it should not go on. It is not right for the Internet service to decide what we get on and can't get on.

  2. Cj, Lydia, Sophia
    An internet filter is a software tool that lets parents and system administrators control the list of things that people are allowed to get on and a list of things that they have blocked and don't want them to get on. In some countries, people use it to prevent citizens from going to specific websites. One of the only problems with these filters is that people blocked websites that shouldn't be blocked and the citizens might need to use it.

  3. Censorship is somebody blocking what type of stuff you can look at. Each country has different things that are censored. For example people in Germany and France prohibit them from looking up the Holocaust. The government should censor more inappropriate stuff online.
    O.H. C.F. K.F.

  4. WiFi can vary its speed depending where you are at in the world. If you are in the mountains it will be slow. If you are in New York, New York it will be faster. We can fix it by putting in more WiFi signals around the world. NCA CJE ACF

  5. C.A Z.B Z.W

    People who can’t afford computers usually don’t know how to use is it, doesn’t know how to be respectful, and are usually against. Because they don’t have the money. That is the definition. People who can’t afford the internet. So what is the way we can fix this issue. Simple. We could donate free computers for the people who can’t afford them. Then for the internet, we could build network towers around their town which gives them free internet. Then, if they have any issues with the internet

    Financial Difficulties
    People financial problems cannot access the internet because they probably won’t even have a computer or phone to access it. Even if they did they could not get the access point as that is also expensive. Also they may have a physical difficulty but they cannot pay enough money to get it fixed, even though they have the internet.

  6. Kadence,
    Not all people cant afford technology like phones or laptops so they don't have access to the internet. A great way to fix the digital divide is to help other countries get internet. With the internet limitations I felt bored because I couldn't access what I wanted. It didn't feel like it was fair because other people had internet where I didn't. Some people have more then just access to the internet then some people have no internet at all.