Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Hex 6-6: Digital Law


1-Do you share music, games, movies, etc. with your friends?  

2-What are some consequences for illegal downloading, file sharing, pirating, etc?

3-What is your opinion on sharing files?

Part II


1-What is copyright?

2-What does copyright protect?  Why is it important?

3-How can we obey copyright in our school work?

4-What are the consequences for breaking copyright (in school, in college, at work, etc)?

Video:  What's Mine Isn't Yours

Video:  Music Plagiarism

Activity: Creator's Rights

1 comment:

  1. Z.W, Z.B, C.A
    Be nice to everyone and respect them
    Be careful on what you click on and buy
    Wait for your page to load and don't click on ads
    Don't do Cyber Bullying
    Don't download files that you don't trust