Monday, April 25, 2016

Hex 6: Digital Citizenship (overview)

In this class, we will be focusing on 9 Elements of Digital Citizenship.

Video: Living in a Digital World

Consider the following questions:

1.  What does it mean to be a citizen of a community (school, city, state, national, etc.)?

2. What are some rights and responsibilities of a citizen?

3.  How is being a digital citizen similar and different to other kinds of citizens?

4. Where can you find policies of different websites?  Why is looking at policies important?

Next, you will be creating rules of conduct for being a responsible, positive citizen online, with your table groups.  

Group roles:
-Facilitator (you like to take charge and can keep everyone on task)
-Recorder (you can write and type quickly)
-Spokesperson (you like to talk)
-Abstract thinker (you can think of creative ideas)

Everyone should contribute!

Come up with five rules for proper behavior when using the Internet.  

Share your five rules in the comment section of this post.  Comment as Anonymous, but be sure to put the first names or initials of your group members.


  1. don't use your full name in a username
    no personal information
    don't cyberbully
    don't say something inappropriate
    don't hack

  2. Kylie and Hallie
    Be nice, Think about what you are going to say before you say it, Make sure the website you use is appropriate, Don't give away personal information, Use technology wisely.

  3. NB, EM, and JF
    1. Respect others OPINIONS
    2. Be smart online
    3. Skim over agreements and terms
    4. Participate in online activities that interest you
    5. Don't do things that are considered bad

  4. -Think about how what you are saying/posting will affect others.
    -Think to yourself "Would you say what you are posting to their face?"
    -Think to yourself "will this ruin you reputation?'
    -Is what you are posting legal
    -Will this get you in trouble, or cause you to be embarrassed if someone you know sees it.
    ~~ST, LD, and EW

  5. Alyssa, Malorie, Marista
    1) If you don't have anything nice to say don't say anything at all.
    2) Don't send any revealing/inappropriate pictures to anyone.
    3) Don't say anything that you wouldn't say in front of your parents.
    4) Don't give away any private information.
    5) Don't have illegal accounts (Don't have social media accounts if your not old enough.

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  7. 1.) Be honest
    2.) Dont be a fool
    3.) Dont give out personal information
    4.) Dont share your realationship status
    5.) Dont be fake
    Makenna,Allison, and Ellie

  8. Zoey
    1.) Don't give out personal information.
    2.) Don't say anything mean or hurtful people.
    3.) Be nice to everyone or don't say anything at all.
    4.) Don't send anything inappropriate to anyone.
    5.) Always respect others.