Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Hex 6-2: Digital Commerce


1-What are some concerns with shopping online?

2-How can you know that you are on a secure site?  Should you use secure sites on a public computer?

3-What are some ways to make sure you can be safe when shopping online?

4-What should you (as a young adult) always do before shopping online?

5-What are some ways to stay safe when selling items online?

Some considerations:
1-identity theft/stolen financial information, scams

2-lock symbol, statements of security, encryptions, colors (none, blue [standard security], green [extended validation])

3-When using public computers, you may want to use private browsing (incognito) and "Clear All History"

4-Keep track of card activity
   -debit card: 2 days to dispute ($50 liability); up to 60 days, liable    for up to $500; after 60 days, loss not covered
   -credit card: 60 days to dispute ($50 liability); not covered after        60 days

3-Research retailers, particularly out of the U.S. (may not be covered for loss)

4-Always talk to your parents before buying or selling anything online, especially before paying and before meeting someone face-to-face

Comment on this blog post with 2-3 sentences about your parents' opinions on online shopping.  You should ask your parents before responding (or even have your parents respond for you!).  Be sure to put your first name or initials on your comment, and be sure to comment on this post for Digital Commerce.


  1. Hallie
    For the most part it is alright. You have to be careful and keep track of what you spend and what websites you are on.

  2. Zoey
    Online shopping is very convenient. You just have to make sure you have a security lock on the website before you use it.

  3. JF

    Online shopping CAN be convenient, but the downside is there's always a chance of paying a lot for shipping. Sometimes you can spend a lot and get in over you're.

  4. Alyssa

    Online shopping is convenient and it is nice to not have to fight the crowds at the stores, especially during the holidays. It allows more variety of sizes, colors, brands and if you look around a lot of deals can also be found online. However, you do have to be careful so your private information stays protected.

  5. AA

    Online shopping is very convenient, especially if you work a lot and do not have very much free time. You can shop anytime, day or night, and the variety of items available exceeds the availability in many stores. However, online shopping does have a couple of downsides. Online shopping can be hazardous to your bank account because it is often so easy. It can also increase your risk for identity theft.

  6. I would rather purchase something in a store, where I can feel it and see it. A picture doesn't always portray the items correctly. Then, if its not what you want you typically have to pay shipping, again!!

  7. Tanner

    I feel that on-line shopping is very convenient. You don't have to drive anywhere and it gets delivered to you house.

  8. I love online shopping. It is very convenient and I don't have to fight a crowd to get what I want. The packages are also delivered right to my doorstep so I don;t have to worry about the bustle of it all. I can also find things I want that I can't find in stores.


  9. Online shopping is subject to convenience. It also has a downfall as well. It can become addicting and hard to keep track of a spending limit. Lastly if something does not fit you have to deal with it. It is much better to go to the store to make sure it fits, and is worth buying.

  10. I don't online shop, but I don't have any problems with it though. I'd prefer seeing the product before I buy it so I shop at stores.


  11. Online shopping is a dangerous thing to do. It does have some convenience to it however. But so many things could go wrong.


  12. Makenna

    Online shopping is convenient but I don't think its safe for teens.

  13. Gabe S.

    My parents' opinion on online shopping is that it's really helpful. They can find good deals and the shipping time is short.

  14. Malorie

    My opinion of online shopping is I am both for and against it. The only reason that I am for online shopping is if you have exhausted all local shopping avenues and the product for which you are shopping is not available. My reasons for being against online shopping is it takes money away from the local economy. Keeping money in the local economy helps further build the economy in that area, keeps people employed as well as help families in your community put food on their tables, pay their bills and so many other positive aspects. I personally shop with a small business first, then big box stores if the product I am needing isn’t available with the small business. If neither one of these first two options can help me with the product I am needing, only then will I shop online.

  15. My mother said that she loves online shopping. She also said that she also makes sure that it's a secure website. -Ellie

  16. Kylie
    It's is good thing it is very helpful.But sometimes you to be on careful you are on secure website.

  17. I think its convenient and easier then going to the store because you can compare prices and find everything you need online- C.H