Friday, March 11, 2016

Hex 2-4: Digital Literacy

Part I:

Take notes (form provided) on the following presentations/video:

Picking the Right Search Terms

Understanding Search Results

Narrowing a Search to Get the Best Results

-Boolean operators
-Advanced Searching

Evaluating Websites

-What would make you suspicious of a website?
-What are some clues to help you tell if a website is trustworthy?

Part II:


1-What are issues with using the Internet in schools?

2-What are issues with using the Internet in the workplace?  Consider legal, ethical, and productivity issues

3-What kind of skills will be necessary for jobs in the future?

4-How can the Internet be used positively in the classroom?

Interview a parent or trusted adult and ask them one or both of the following questions, recording their response in the comment section of this blog post:

1-How/when do you use technology in your job?  For example, how do you use technology in a regular work day?

2-What do you think is the future of technology in the workplace (in your field or others)? 


  1. Alex Brown
    My mother uses technology by taking calls, using a credit card machine, using a cash register and receiving emails from customers with pictures that pose a general arrangement idea.

  2. A.H.
    My Dad uses technology "every stinking day". He thinks that the technology will just get more and more advanced.

  3. I see the future having less human interaction and more mechanical and/or robotic interactions.

  4. Elizabeth
    written by D.T.
    I use technology of computing to manage and analyze data that is not possible without electronics. I use biotechnology to categorize and predict responses of biological systems through understanding DNA groups to select the most efficient bio-types.

  5. Ali
    My dad uses it to communicate, to solve problems,and to research things. In the future he thinks it will keep on becoming more advanced.

  6. My mom uses the computer and phone at work. She uses it for around nine hours.


  7. Gabe Peterson
    By: Aaron Peterson
    I use five different computer programs daily in my office. These allow me to operate my business and monitor client accounts.

    1. Breanna
      My mom uses a computer to create a presentation to teach people on how to become a sane

  8. L.L.
    By: J.L.
    I use technology when I'm picking product to ship to dealers.

  9. Erica:
    1.) I am on my computer all day long 8 hours strait. We can't do anything without them.
    2.) Everything at my work is on the computer. In the future I think that they will find a way to have technology at all workplaces.
    Rachel Bruns

  10. I'm on my phone for work to check my emails, text messages and phone calls at least 3-4 hours a day. The reason why I have to use my phone is because that is the only way I communicate with my daycare parents and keep track of my girls busy schedules.

  11. Trevor's mom said- I move corporate money from one account to another for outside investors and I print all the checks for the United States for Wells Fargo. So I am on a computer from about 7:00 am-4:00 pm, so I spend all of my time using a computer.

  12. Chase's mom said- I use technology as a teacher, by tracking students' attendance, grading, contacting parents and research.

    I think technology will continue to rule in the classroom and school by eventually taking over the typical school setting through online courses.

  13. Noah's mom said- I use technology every day at my job.