Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Hex 2-1: Digital Access

Consider the following questions:

1.  Why is access to technology important?  What are some things you must have technology for in today's world?

2.  What are some ways that access to technology can be limited? 


-physical limitations
-financial/economic limitations
-geographic limitations (national and international)
-technology limitations (mobile phones vs. computers)

Video:  Internet Censorship

"Participation gap" is defined as "the unequal access to the opportunities, experiences, skills, and knowledge that will prepare youths for full participation in the world of tomorrow."
(Harlan, Mary Ann.  "Standing on a Corner: The Access Gap in Rural Communities."  Teacher Librarian.  Oct. 2014: 38-42.)

3.  What are some of the opportunities, experiences, skills and knowledge that students without access are missing?  In other words, what are they going to be missing when they graduate and go to college or into the working world?

(Communication, creation, collaboration, discovery, evaluation, innovations, networking/PLN)

Video: Bridging the Digital Divide


4.  What can be done about lack of access?  Whose responsibility is it to ensure access?

Video: Net Neutrality

Activity (if time allows):
With your table group, come up with ideas about bridging the digital divide for the following factors:  physical, financial, geographic, filters, or censorship.  Type several paragraphs on your ideas in the comment section, using the limitations assigned to your group.  

-Specific problems with access to technology for your group 
-Specific ideas to bridge the digital divide for your group.  Think about specific things that you and people you know can do, as well as big ideas.  Use your own ideas, but you can do some quick research as well.
-Write a short response on how it felt to use technology with your limitations.  How did it feel?  How did you compare your groups to other groups?  Did it feel fair?


  1. Erica Lyza Audrey

    WE think the net should remain neutral. We think this because you are the one paying money to choose what services you want. Net neutrality is a debate on weather you or the company chooses how fast or slow your services run.

  2. Kyle, Trevor and Jon- Pros and Cons- Student can get more info for school, But they would have to add more money to our taxes, Con People could abuse it but a pro can be that not so smart people can become more smart.

  3. Gabe, Cooper

    People can have very limited usage using technology. Physical limitations are one way of limited usage. One way is if you are born with no fingers or hands it will be hard to type, which is a limitation. Or if you are mentally ill, you won't be able to think about what you are typing or you could be to weak. These are some of the ways physical limitations can affect someone.

  4. Noah, Harrison, Toby

    Internashional cencorship is a filter that protects people from cirtain things. Each country has it's own cencorship rules. It keeps people from saying, or even mentioing cirtain things in media.

  5. Ali,Haily,Dane,and Breanna
    A lot of people struggle with financial limitations. This may include not being able to pay for WiFi. You also, may not be able to get a phone or computer. If these break they can be expensive to fix and you may not be able to afford this fix.

  6. Emma and Elizabeth
    Positives of Filters
    It can filter out harmful images to children. It can also block websites.People can customize what hey filter. This can make for a safe environment. To make a safer environment for your children get some filters.

  7. Zach, Chase, Seth- Some of the cons of filters are misfiltering. Which means they filter the wrong content. They could even make the mistake of not filtering the things that need to be filtered.

  8. Alex B.
    The Internet is a great tool that everyone deserves to be able to use. Some problems that people have to make them not be able to use it is if they don't have enough money. The Internet costs money and some people need to save their money to keep them alive and don't have money to waste on cat videos and internet scams. It makes it a waste to them.

  9. Lexi
    Positives of filters
    It can block out websites. People can customize what filter. This could make for a better environment. You could get filters for your kids for a safer environment. The filters could also filter out harmful images.

  10. Noah Thomas
    Technology is important mostly for learning. You need technology to research faster than if you were to out of a book. It can be limited because of filters blocking inappropriate websites.