Thursday, February 18, 2016

Hex 1-9: Digital Security

Part I: Dangers on the Internet

Activity: Are You Web Aware?

1-What are some possible dangers on the Internet?  Is the Internet a dangerous place?

2-When is it OK to share personal information online?

Video:  Friend or Fake

Activity: Friend or Fake

Guide to Social Networking 

Video: Think Before You Share (Top 10)

HW: Internet Contract

Part II: Scams

1-What are some different ways that you can be digitally scammed?

2-What can you do to make sure that you are not a victim of a scam?

3-What advice would you give to adults in your life that might be susceptible to scams?

Kahoot: Security Scenarios

Activity: Scams and Schemes

Kahoot: Digital Security Quiz

Part III: Sexting

1-What is sexting?  Why would someone do it?

2-What are some consequences of sexting?

3-Do you think teens today feel pressured to sext?

4-What should you do if you receive an unwanted sext?

Activity (if time allows): What Happens Next?

Part IV: Passwords

1-How frequently do you change your passwords?

2-What makes a good password?

Activity:  Creating a Good Password

Part V: Digital Footprint/Misc.

1-Did you know websites/companies collect your personal information?

2-What are some issues with leaks of government information (Wikileaks, Edward Snowden)?

3-What is a digital footprint?  What is on your digital footprint?

Video: Your Digital Footprint

Activity:  Privacy and Your Digital Footprint

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