Friday, February 5, 2016

Hex 1-5: Digital Etiquette

1-Have you ever been annoyed in public by other people on their cell phones or other devices?  Give examples.  When and/or where can the use of cell phones be considered impolite, inappropriate, or illegal?

2-Should cell phones or other technology be banned in some places?  In what places and under what circumstances?

3-When are appropriate and inappropriate times to use cell phones in school?  

Consider texting, listening to music, answering a call, taking photos/video, social media, etc.

4-How can technology negatively affect your relationships?  What would be some good rules to help build relationships?
Example: no cell phones at the dinner table

5-Email and other technological communication is now common in school and the workplace.  What are some guidelines (things to do and not do) when writing emails or other workplace communications?  

Consider: textspeak, capitalization, spelling, jokes, subject line, closing/greeting, etc.


Video: Word Crimes

Activity (if time allows):
Come up with 5 rules regarding cell phone use in public and post them in the comments section.  Be sure to include first names only of your group members.


  1. 1.) Don't watch videos in the restroom
    2.) Keep your volume down
    3.) Put your phone down when talking to people; give them your full attention.
    4.) Turn you ringer off
    5.) Watch stuff that is approiate
    R.W. C.P. L.R.

  2. Noah
    1) Don't text while walking.
    2) Read before you send.
    3) Turn it off in movie theaters.
    4) Don't hog the porta-potty because you are on your phone.
    5)If you are watching an obnoxious video, use earplugs.

  3. Rules:
    -Don't ignore others
    -Pay attention to your surroundings
    -Don't distract others
    -Use technology appropriately
    -Keep your ringer down/Don't be obnoxious
    -C.B, A.M , S.H

  4. *Dont text and drive
    *Dont take video of a movie in the theater X)
    *Dont use in bathroom
    *Dont prank call
    *Dont use unless needed (In school NO)

  5. ME ES CF
    1. Use phone appropriately
    2. Send appropriate text
    3. Use your phone at an appropriate time.
    4. Be considerate of others
    5. Pay attention to whats going on.

  6. Be respectful online
    turn your phone to vibrate in public
    don't do anything inappropriate
    pay attention to others
    finally in games don't be rude inside the chat
    Pete Pweb and Garrett

  7. MG,OC,ET:
    1.)Private calls should be in private places.
    2.)If someone is trying to talk to you put your phone down.
    3.)When you are texting do not be impolite.
    4.)Don't keep your volume up in public places.
    5.)Keep your phone on silent.

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