Friday, January 22, 2016

Hex 1-4: Digital Literacy

Part I:

Take notes (form provided) on the following presentations/video:

Picking the Right Search Terms

Understanding Search Results

Narrowing a Search to Get the Best Results

-Boolean operators
-Advanced Searching

Evaluating Websites

-What would make you suspicious of a website?
-What are some clues to help you tell if a website is trustworthy?

Part II:


1-What are issues with using the Internet in schools?

2-What are issues with using the Internet in the workplace?  Consider legal, ethical, and productivity issues

3-What kind of skills will be necessary for jobs in the future?

4-How can the Internet be used positively in the classroom?

Interview a parent or trusted adult and ask them one or both of the following questions, recording their response in the comment section of this blog post:

1-How/when do you use technology in your job?  For example, how do you use technology in a regular work day?

2-What do you think is the future of technology in the workplace (in your field or others)? 


  1. Dad-
    Question #1
    "I use it for marketing, editing, music, filming, time management, and communication."

    Question #2
    "Technology will soon replace labor."

  2. Corey
    My mom uses a computer to look at peoples accounts.
    My dad uses electric meters to detect if voltage is present on wires.

  3. KaCi
    My mom uses her own special computer for email. She also tests software. She run queries to test data. She uses it everyday through her whole work day.

  4. Dad
    -"I use technology to order parts."
    -"In the future, ordering parts will more automated."
    -"We use technology to take X-rays and chart data."
    -"Technology already has changed the dental field, in the future we will get more for more things."
    -Alex M.

  5. My mom uses it for presentations and YouTube and also email and communicating and also for using speakers. JASON

  6. Mason
    "A lot of technology I use is my truck. I do a lot of driving in my job. I also you my computer at home for many things. I spend a lot of time calling people I work with throughout the day.
    -Mitch Lobeck;2016

  7. My mom uses technology in the workplace all the time. She types lots of documents and makes lots of calls. She also uses the printer and copy machine. C.P.

  8. My dad uses techy stuff to order tractor parts for restoring our tractors. This action will increase for other sin the future. Mom uses it to send emails to attorneys and her co workers. Pete Anderson

  9. My mom uses it in her work everyday to make spreadsheets. She also contacts people through email.
    In the future the computer and technology will be more advanced

  10. others in the future sorry
    P A

  11. My dad uses tech stuff for buying broken ipods then fixing them. He also get messages form people to fix them

  12. Luke
    My dad use technology to design blueprints as to where electric wires should run throughout buildings. He also has to take calls during and after work, if someone needs his help making calls on what goes where. His profession the reason why electricity works when you flip a switch.

  13. MLE

    MY dad sees the future of tech for his job can go really far. Because every year so far he says that he is going to get the new windows 2 and 1 every year.

  14. My dad uses technology all the time. Going paperless but no one kowes.
    Chaz W.

  15. Both of my parents use the computers at work. My mother is an accounted so she uses the computer. My dad works in the technology area at Wells Fargo so he uses the computer a lot as well.

  16. Both of my parents use computer s for work my dad is a field tech and my mom is a daycare provider.-Ethan

  17. My parents dont use it at work. Because there job doesn't need it.


  18. My mom uses a computer to keep logs and to keep track of pays.

  19. Cayden

    - my mom uses a computer to log what patience have recieved meds.
    - my dad uses a computer to order parts and keep track of who shows up to work and who leaves.

  20. Kaci
    I watched a video called are you addicted to the internet. Basically what it talked about was how many people used the internet which is over 1 billion people. It also talked about how many people use the internet every day. Last it talked about the symptoms you get from being on the internet to long like moodiness,restlessness and lying about how much you use the internet. This the link to my video.You can type this in or just get on youtube and search internet addiction.

  21. my mom uses it everyday for her work she is a tax returner