Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Hex 6: Digital Citizenship (overview)

In this class, we will be focusing on 9 Elements of Digital Citizenship.

Video: Living in a Digital World

Consider the following questions:

1.  What does it mean to be a citizen of a community (school, city, state, national, etc.)?

2. What are some rights and responsibilities of a citizen?

3.  How is being a digital citizen similar and different to other kinds of citizens?

4. Where can you find policies of different websites?  Why is looking at policies important?

Next, you will be creating rules of conduct for being a responsible, positive citizen online, with your table groups.  

Group roles:
-Facilitator (you like to take charge and can keep everyone on task)
-Recorder (you can write and type quickly)
-Spokesperson (you like to talk)
-Abstract thinker (you can think of creative ideas)

Everyone should contribute!

Come up with five rules for proper behavior when using the Internet.  

Share your five rules in the comment section of this post.  Comment as Anonymous, but be sure to put the first names of your group members.


  1. Callie, Morgan, Lauren:
    1) No inappropriate content
    2) Be nice to others
    3) Don't tell anyone your password
    4) No hacking into other accounts
    5) Don't post personal information

  2. 1: Respect others
    2: Don't bully
    3: Be appropriate
    4: Be safe
    5: Positive comments
    Tyler L
    Tyler S

  3. CJ, Lily, Keith
    1- Don't Allow Hackers
    2- Respect Other Users
    3- Remember User information
    4- Be careful what you post
    5- Be wise with all your accounts

  4. Sam, Taylor, Josh:
    1.No cyber bulling
    2.Don't post anything you will regret
    3.Don't download illegal items
    4.Don't forage your parents credit card
    5.Never reveal your password

  5. Hunter,Henry, Halynn
    Rule 1: Don't send sexts!
    Rule 2: Don't be racist
    Rule 3: Think before you take pictures
    Rule 4: Don't stalk anyone
    Rule 5: Be a good sport

  6. CJ, Keith, Haylynn

    Relating with technology and internet there are many physical limitations. Those include being def which shows you can't hear many songs and videos on the internet. Another limitation is being blind which you are very limited and cannot see things on the web. One other limitation is being born with a disability like dyslexia, alexia, and hyperlexia which is when you cannot process words well or thoroughly.