Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Hex 6-4: Digital Literacy

Part I:

Take notes (form provided) on the following presentations/video:

Picking the Right Search Terms 

Understanding Search Results 

Narrowing a Search to Get the Best Results 

-Boolean operators
-Advanced Searching

Evaluating Websites  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FLZ-ne0csto

-What would make you suspicious of a website?
-What are some clues to help you tell if a website is trustworthy?

Part II:


1-What are issues with using the Internet in schools?


2-What are issues with using the Internet in the workplace?  Consider legal, ethical, and productivity issues

3-What kind of skills will be necessary for jobs in the future?

4-How can the Internet be used positively in the classroom?

Interview a parent or trusted adult and ask them one or both of the following questions, recording their response in the comment section of this blog post:

1-How/when do you use technology in your job?  For example, how do you use technology in a regular work day?

2-What do you think is the future of technology in the workplace (in your field or others)? 


  1. I love online shopping it's convenient and you can get almost anything you want.

  2. -Henry
    my mom uses her cell phone for emergencies.

    She thinks more and more people are going to replace by technology . But then again, the more technology there is the more people are needed to address technological problems.

  3. Technology is used for a majority of my job. Using the computer, I utilize company programs to process my daily work. Instant messaging and calls through the computer allow me to work and communicate with colleagues in different parts of the world. Technology also allows me to do my work from home.
    Josh's Mom

  4. Working in a school library means that I use technology on a daily basis for the check-in/check-out process, as well as searching for books for students.

    I think that more and more jobs are becoming tech-reliant. As long as we have power and internet access, that's great--once it's learned, technology generally makes things easier and more efficient. It's a bit mind boggling to think how reliant we have become on technology or what we would do in the event of wide-spread power outages.


  5. My dads job surrounds technology he orders equipment for van wall
    Tyler l

  6. My dad orders parts for cars, so he uses technology to order the part that somebody needs for their car or cars. He says that it is very useful at times when it is needed.
    Taylor S.

  7. My mom uses technology in her job when she write which person took what pills and when or just what they need to take, because she is a nurse.

    My dad doesn't know what they think will be the next technology in the workplace.
    -Morgan Engel

  8. I use technology to get jobs since I'm a substitute teacher. I also use it to look at lesson plans and do activities with my students. I also use it to communicate with the regular classroom teacher. When the school goes one on one with computers, I will probably have to use them more often to give out assignments.
    -Jeremy Romitti

  9. My mom uses phones to make work phone calls. She also does billing and taxing for her work. -CJ Dean

  10. My mom almost uses it on everything in her job.

  11. My mom has to use her phone everyday to talk to her clients
    Callie Schaffer

  12. My mom thinks that the future tech is going to be a robot


  13. Technology has permeated nearly all aspects of existence across the entire globe. It has "flattened" a world that once was round. M.P.

  14. "Green energy, wind power, solar power, etc... Estimated we only have 15 years of fossil fuels left."
    -Keith B