Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Hex 5-5: Digital Etiquette


1-Have you ever been annoyed in public by other people on their cell phones or other devices?  Give examples.  When and/or where can the use of cell phones be considered impolite, inappropriate, or illegal?


2-Should cell phones or other technology be banned in some places?  In what places and under what circumstances?


3-When are appropriate and inappropriate times to use cell phones in school?  Consider texting, listening to music, answering a call, taking photos/video, social media, etc.


4-How can technology negatively affect your relationships?  What would be some good rules to help build relationships?
Example: no cell phones at the dinner table


5-Email and other technological communication is now common in school and the workplace.  What are some guidelines (things to do and not do) when writing emails or other workplace communications?  

Consider: textspeak, capitalization, spelling, jokes, subject line, closing/greeting, etc.

Video: Word Crimes

Come up with 5 rules regarding cell phone use in public and post them in the comments section.  Be sure to include first names only of your group members.


  1. 1)Everyone turn off cell phones in car
    2)Turn off cell phones in public
    3)No cell phones on planes
    4)No cell phones in dark public areas
    5)don't give cell phones for kids to play with
    -Gabby Cody Seth

  2. 1. When you are out with friends put down your phone.
    2. When you are playing a game put down your phone so you know what is going on.
    3. When you are at a concert don't video tape the whole thing, watch the actual show.
    4. Eating with your family don't be on your phone.
    5. Put phone on silent and only check your phone once or twice for important notifications - Danielle Jill

  3. Don't take picture of others unless asked.
    Pay attention to people, get off your phone.
    Only check your phone every so often.
    Get off your phone.
    Enjoy your surroundings not your phone.

    Kiley And Zane

  4. 1) don't be on your phone when with group/party
    2) no posting of others when you didn't ask for permission
    3) don't post and then ignore others
    4) don't need to be on your phone in movie theater
    5) no technology while babysitting or watching others
    -Alex -Zac -Leah

  5. No phones in movie thearters
    No phones in class and not supposed to be on technology
    Don't be on phone when being talked to
    Don't talk to people on the phone about other people
    Don't constantly be on your phone

    1. Colton Braden and Sophia