Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Hex 5: Digital Citizenship (overview)

In this class, we will be focusing on 9 Elements of Digital Citizenship.  


Video: Living in a Digital World

Consider the following questions:

1.  What does it mean to be a citizen of a community (school, city, state, national, etc.)?

2. What are some rights and responsibilities of a citizen?

3.  How is being a digital citizen similar and different to other kinds of citizens?

4. Where can you find policies of different websites?  Why is looking at policies important?


Next, you will be creating rules of conduct for being a responsible, positive citizen online, with your table groups.  

Group roles:
-Facilitator (you like to take charge and can keep everyone on task)
-Recorder (you can write and type quickly)
-Spokesperson (you like to talk)
-Abstract thinker (you can think of creative ideas)

Everyone should contribute!

Come up with five rules for proper behavior when using the Internet.  

Share your five rules in the comment section of this post.  Comment as Anonymous, but be sure to put the first names of your group members.


  1. 1. Respect other opinions
    2. Freedom of speech but there is a limit.
    3. Appropriate pictures/ language.
    4.Stay on topic.
    Kiley Emily Zane
    5.Don't be ignorant.

  2. Alex,Zac,Jill
    1-no nudes
    2-no hacking
    3-no cyber bullying
    4-no inappropiate/rude things
    5-no posting or targeting the finger to someone

  3. 1) No cyber bullying
    2)No inappropriate language
    3)No posting any inappropriate pictures
    4)No videos of violence
    5)Dont disrespect other peoples opinions

  4. 1 Respect others
    2 follow laws and rules
    3 Listen to people
    4 Be nice
    5 Treat others like you would want to be treated

    Sophia Colton Braden R

  5. 1. not saying inappropriate words
    2. make things better, not worse
    3. respect others and yourself
    4. always follow the polices
    5. think of what you say before you say it
    Braden G, Leah, Danielle

  6. We are limited by censorship which restrains us from certain cites in certain countries. One way to get around or break the rule of censorship could be to inform the government and try to persuade them to drop the filter blocking the certain cite. It feels unfair to be restricted and blocked from what we want to pursue to watch. Alex Leah Zac

  7. Braden Colton Sophia

    not having enough money

    you can go to a library

    it is really hard

  8. Alex- My Mom thought that the internet safety guide was a good source of information because she said some kids don't know what they are doing now these days. My Dad thought the internet guide was good because my brother is always getting onto scam websites and almost purchasing things and this guide he said was good to teach my brother.

  9. Jill - My parents think online shopping is good, even though they don't do much of it. It is easier to find the best price on things you want to buy. The thing they don't like is the risk of getting your credit card number or personal information hacked through the internet.