Friday, February 6, 2015

Hex 4: Final Project

For your final project for this class, you will be creating a project on an issue within digital citizenship.

Research an issue from within the 9 elements of digital citizenship and create a presentation (one person per topic).  Your information should be an extension of what we have talked about in class, not regurgitation of what we have already covered.  The majority of your information should come from your sources.

Sign up in the comments section of this blog post, identifying the element AND the topic--first one to post gets the topic (you must include your first name, the element of digital citizenship, and the topic to claim first rights).  Let me know if you have any ideas that are NOT on the list (but fit within one of the nine elements).

Other requirements:
-You must use at least one print source--try the Cybersmarts ebooks on (under Groups), books in the library, or articles in a database (Super Search, EBSCO, etc.)  [Websites do NOT count as a print source]
-You must include at least one video or audio clip on your topic (under 5 minutes), either that you find through your research OR you can record an interview with an expert (example:  Miss Bechtold, the nurse, other adults in your life) or someone who has real-life experience with your topic
-Include a real-life example (a real person's story--can be someone you know, but it can be something you find online or in your video)
-You will be presenting in front of the class using Google Presentation, Prezi, or any other Web 2.0 tool that would work for presentations of this type.  You may have a time limit for your presentation (TBD)
-You must include in-text citations and a Works Cited page created using Noodletools.

Possible Topics within the Nine Elements: 
1. Digital Access
-digital divide (in America and/or internationally)
-disabilities that prevent access

2.  Digital Commerce
-buying and/or selling online

3.  Digital Communication
-Cell phones in society
-Creating community through online methods

4.  Digital Literacy
-Search strategies
-Internet in the workplace
-technology in schools

5.  Digital Etiquette
-Appropriate use of technology in society OR in schools

6.  Digital law
-Music (and copyright)
-Pirating, downloading, or filesharing
-Cybercriminals and/or cybercrime divisions of law enforcement
-Laws dealing with cyber acts (for example, what is the consequence for specific cyber crimes in the state of Iowa or other states?)

7. Digital Rights and Responsibilities
-Acceptable use policies (public computers, specific websites, etc.)

8.  Digital Health and Wellness
-Physical issues
-Psychological issues (addiction, depression,  etc)

9.  Digital Security
-Internet safety 
-Identity theft
-Online schemes/scams
-Viruses, spyware, etc.
-Data collection by companies (big data, cookies, data mining)
-Government leaks (example: Edward Snowden)


  1. Nakota
    Digital Law

  2. Julie DigitalRights and responsibilties Cyberbullying

  3. kody digital 6 cyberterriosom

  4. Bailey
    Digital Rights And responsibilities

  5. Shelby
    Digital health and wellness
    Psychological issues

  6. sabrina digital security passwords

  7. Rory M. Digital Rights and Responsibilities Plagerism

  8. Harison censorship!!!!!!!!

  9. Bailey
    Digital rights and responsibilities

  10. Trent
    digital law

  11. Hannah- Digital security Identity Theft

  12. Veronica-Digital Security and Predators

  13. Joe Digital Access Filter

  14. Harison

    Digital Access


  15. dawson secuirity internet safety

  16. Drake- Digital Law- Laws dealing with cyber acts

  17. Bailey
    Digital etiquette
    Appropriate use of technology in society or schools

  18. colton digital security online scams

  19. makayla- music copyright