Thursday, January 8, 2015

Hex 4: Digital Citizenship (overview)

In this class, we will be focusing on 9 Elements of Digital Citizenship.

Video: Living in a Digital World

Consider the following questions:

1.  What does it mean to be a citizen of a community (school, city, state, national, etc.)?

2. What are some rights and responsibilities of a citizen?

3.  How is being a digital citizen similar and different to other kinds of citizens?

4. Where can you find policies of different websites?

Next, you will be creating rules of conduct for being online with your table groups.  

Group roles:
-Facilitator (you like to take charge and can keep everyone on task)
-Recorder (you can write and type quickly)
-Spokesperson (you like to talk)
-Abstract thinker (you can think of creative ideas)

Everyone should contribute!

Come up with five rules for proper behavior when using the Internet.  

Share your five rules in the comment section of this post.  Comment as Anonymous, but be sure to put the first names of your group members.


  1. Drake, Trenton, and Nakota
    Some of the rules of the internet include not disregarding the rules of the website that you are on, doing age appropriate things for the site that you are on, do not steal any information from where you are, no destroying or harming what others have done, and be sure not to give away to much information about yourself and where you are located.

  2. Harison, Rory, Kody: 1.) Don't make any rude comments. 2.) Don't post personal information. 3.) Don't play/ go on inappropriate websites 4.) Don't talk to strangers.
    5.) Don't post inappropriate pictures/comments on social media.

  3. Bailey and Julie,
    1.) Keep your self hidden/safe don't give out personal information. (address, phone number, social security etc.)
    2.) Be respectful of others. What you say should build others up not bring them down.
    3.) Be appropriate what you post or say should be able to be seen by all ages.
    4.) Watch how long you are on. To much can cause damage to eyes, brain, etc.
    5.) Make sure your grammar and spelling is correct.

  4. Joe and Colton,

    respect others

    if you agree to something know what it is

    don't share personal things with strangers

    be careful what you say to others

    don't make threats

  5. Hannah, Sabrina, Veronica
    1. Respect others opinions
    2. Know who you are talking to
    3. Read terms of policy
    4. Don't give any of your personal information
    5. Don't look at inappropriate things.

  6. Shelby I: -Be nice to people online
    -Be yourself
    -dont give out personal info
    -dont post innapropriate things