Monday, January 26, 2015

Hex 4-5: Digital Etiquette

1-Have you ever been annoyed in public by other people on their cell phones or other devices?  Give examples.  When and/or where can the use of cell phones be considered impolite, inappropriate, or illegal?

2-Should cell phones or other technology be banned in some places?  In what places and under what circumstances?

3-When are appropriate and inappropriate times to use cell phones in school?  Consider texting, listening to music, answering a call, taking photos/video, social media, etc.

4-How can technology negatively affect your relationships?  What would be some good rules to help build relationships?
Example: no cell phones at the dinner table

5-Email and other technological communication is now common in school and the workplace.  What are some guidelines (things to do and not do) when writing emails or other workplace communications?  
Consider: textspeak, capitalization, spelling, jokes, subject line, closing/greeting, etc.

Video: Word Crimes

Come up with 5 rules regarding cell phone use in public and post them in the comments section.  Be sure to include first names only of your group members.


  1. Veronica, Dawson, and Colton - 1st rule, Turn down your volume. 2nd rule, Do not watch inappropriate things. 3rd rule, Don't use them in inappropriate times. 4th rule, Obey the rules that the area your in has. 5th rule, Don't use technology when your with your friends, family, etc, because it can ruin friendships, and relationships.

  2. Kody, Rory, Harison: 1: Do not talk to loud in public. 2: Do not hold up others while on technology. 3: Do not be on your phone while others are talking to you. 4: Do not take pictures of people you don't know or you don't have permission to. 5: Do not post rude comments about others.

  3. Joe (Alone)
    1. I have been, especially trying to tell something important to someone. It should never make its wasy to a classroom.
    2. It should be banned in other classrooms, because it can distract other kids while they do a test.
    3. An appropriate time is after dismissal.
    4. You can get addicted to playing Crossy road, and flappy bird.
    5. Don't email people that aren't important, or anything inappropriate.

  4. Bailey,
    1.) Keep your phone on silent or low speaker.
    2.) If your in a group bring only one phone for everyone.
    3.) Turn your cellular data off so you won't be tempted by social media.
    4.) Don't bring your phone to a gathering if you know their will be someone there with a phone you could use. for example: church
    5.) When you go out to eat put everyone's phone in the center of the table and the first person's phone to ring has to pay for everyone.

  5. 1) If going on trip i.e camping only bring one phone and no other tech.
    2) At resturants don't bring phone in.
    3) When going to friends don't bring tablet or other devises unless told

  6. Sabrina, Hannah:
    1. Silent your phone.
    2. turn your brightness down to the lowest.
    3. Do not use it inappropriatly.
    4. Use proper language.
    5. Don not be on it when you are with friends.

  7. Nakota
    1.) Keep your phone on low if you are in public
    2.) Do not get on the internet while in a conversation if not needed
    3.) Leave the table if you need to take a call
    4.) Tell people if you are expecting a call
    5.) Be sure to tell others if they are annoying you a little so that it does not continue.

  8. Shelby
    1) Do not be loud while talking on the phone in a restaurant
    2) Pay attention to family instead of technology if your having a family get together
    3) Do not be on more than one piece of technology at a time
    4) Leave the populated area if you need to call someone
    5) Sign out of your accounts

  9. Trent
    1.dont not be on phone while in job interview
    2.dont talk on cell phone while eating respectful with your phone when talking to someone dont awenser the phone.
    4.when you are in a resturant dont be on phone
    5.your phone can be a distraction dont be on it 24/7