Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Hex 4-3: Digital Communication


1. Why is making a connection important?

2.  How is digital communication different from face-to face?  What are the pros and cons?

3.  How can you make positive online connections?

4.  What are some specific challenges, barriers, or misunderstandings that can happen with digital communication?

5.  What are some differences in the ways you communicate with your friends, family, teachers, boss, etc?  


Activity (if time allows):
A Personal Learning Network (PLN) is an informal learning network that consists of people and websites that you learn from and/or communicate with.  Everyone has a PLN, whether or not they are on social media or not.  What is in your PLN?  What could you add?    

In your table groups, comment on this blog about what is in your Personal Learning Network (focus on groups or types of people and websites--do not name specific people).

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