Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Hex 3-8: Digital Health & Wellness


1-What are some possible physical issues that could happen because of technology?

2-Can you think of some "danger zones" at school or at home for physical issues?  



What can you do about them (to avoid them, to fix them, etc.)?



3-What are some possible psychological problems that could happen because of technology?


Consider:  addiction, isolation, stress, depression, anxiety/social anxiety, sleep disorders, mental issues associated with cyberbullying, etc.

4-What can you do if you or someone you know is exhibiting some of these behaviors?

Video: Are You Addicted?

Extra Credit (choose one):

1-Find an article or video that talks about physical, psychological, or emotional health and technology.  Write a summary of your article, including the important points (3-5 sentences), in the comment section of this post.

Possible topics/search terms include:  technology AND addiction, isolation, carpal tunnel, posture, eye strain, lack of exercise, etc.   

2-Write a detailed plan to solve a digital health and wellness issue of someone in your life (you do not need to share names).  Options:  a plan to help them through addiction or isolation, a map/photos with a change to help with ergonomics, best items to buy to help with carpal tunnel or other ailments, etc.  Be specific!


  1. Kody, My parents think it's stupid and unneeded to shop online. They make me and my sister do it. They rather have us go to the store instead

  2. Hannah- My parents opinion on online shopping is it is useful. Reasons including: you can stay home and not fight crowds; you can stay in your pj's and you don't need to look around and walk all over the mall it is all at the touch of your finger tips.

  3. Veronica - My parents' opinions about online shopping is that it is very useful to get items that are hard to find in stores. They think that it is good/convenient to shop online, so like instead of going to the store and wasting gas and time, they can just do it at home.