Monday, November 10, 2014

Hex 3.2: Digital Commerce


1-What are some concerns with shopping online?

2-How can you know that you are on a secure site?

3-What are some ways to make sure you can be safe when shopping online?

4-What should you (as a young adult) always do before shopping online?

Some considerations:
1-identity theft/stolen financial information, scams

2-lock symbol, statements of security, encryptions

3-Talk to your parents, especially before paying and before meeting someone face-to-face

Assignment: Comment on this blog post with 2-3 sentences about your parents' opinions on online shopping.  If you're not sure, ask your parents before responding (or have your parents respond for you!).  Be sure to put your first name only on your blog post.


  1. I think online shopping sucks cause when you buy something the site has all your information. That is why i think online shopping sucks

  2. My parents dont ever shop online. But they told me it doesnt matter if I do or dont shop online. But if I ever do, make sure to be careful when I do.

  3. I think that online shopping is easier than shopping at the store because you can get things online that you cant get at the store.

  4. My parents are a little wary when it comes to online shopping. My mom usually does online shopping but hates the wait. My dad is a go and get it from the store type of guy.
    -Samantha Smith

  5. Shelby Smith
    My parents sometimes shop online. They are very careful on what they shop for and what personal information they give. They always ask me to ask them before I give any information out about myself

  6. I believe my parents like both shopping online and in stores. My parents do not mind going to the stores but they also like staying at home and looking at stuff on or any other safe sites like that. I believe my dad likes to shop online more than my mom because he doesn't get out a lot but they both do it through or Amazon or Ebay.

  7. My mom likes to go shopping at the mall, or walmart. She doesn't shop online for stealing information reasons.


  8. My parents think it is easier to get some of the things online than going to a store. My parents don't really shop online because of how long it normally takes to get the product

  9. Skyler

    My parents believe that it is very useful and easy. But its annoying because you have to wait forever to get the item.

  10. My parents believe it is easier to shop online as they can get some good deals.
    Jordan V

  11. - My parents think that the internet makes it easier faster to get information than reading a whole book and finding one detail that you can use for something. They also think that the internet can be a dangerous place, like how things stay on there forever.
    Riley Lawson

  12. Trent L
    My dads opinion on online shopping is to be careful. He checks the ratings and who he buys from.

  13. My moms opinion on online shopping is that it is wasteful. She thinks that it is better to go out and shop rather than staying home and shopping.

  14. My parents opinion is that its not safe. Hackers could access your money. We only trust amazon.

  15. my mom doesnt like digital commerce because it requires a card and my mom doesnt have one

  16. My mom does like it because if it is really slick out she just can go online
    Lily Dyer